The Regency 11, Maid for Lust

Date:Aug 13, 2015

This is the second book in the Regency series, in which  Mary Bolingbroke tells of her introduction to and the subsequent hiring of her future maid and most treasured friend, Tilly. its been hard to find this volume but it  has finally come into my possession in a most fortunate manner and is now produced here for your enjoyment. 
As usual, Mary spares little detail in telling of her most surprisingly bawdy  escapades during this part of her life. Ribald, humorous and truly licentious, she writes with feeling for those around her and not a little contempt for the kind of man who is easily parted from his silver in return for the service that otherwise would be freely given in any case. a story to be enjoyed at your leisure which is exactly what Mary would have desired..