Meet the Author

So why write erotica?
Always have done, even way before self publishing became possible. I started one morning when out of work for a few months, wrote some nine books over a ten year period. All lost now. I guess I find pure erotica easy to write. Now I’m branching out into romance too, I had to soften the sex a little, women want a different type of sexual situation in their reading and the storyline is far more important, they still want hot sex but they like to use their imagination a little more so the dialogue needs to be tempered and the sexual play has to be done with more feeling. Guys generally prefer a storyline that has hot sexy outgoing women and the dialogue is far more to the point.

Early influences and what do you like to read?
I used to sneak peeks at my fathers dirty books in my teens. They were homemade, illegal and sold under the counter in Soho, later US pocket books that were produced in the sixties and seventies. In the erotic Genre, I’m into Victorian and earlier classics, mostly from Olympia press in Paris. Its quite amazing how liberal those books were and the subjects they touched on in those stories are pretty taboo today but they are available more freely than you might think. I have read some Erotic romance as well more recently as I write in that genre as well and its quite intriguing to note the difference between male and female authors work in erotica. I also love Ed Mcbain’s detective novels. Sadly no longer with us. Otherwise I’ve had spells reading Sci-fi and Creepies by Stephen King and Dean Koontz.
Ok, thanks Charlie.
Erotic Fiction